Stan Valderrama

Virtual Assistant

Professional Summary:

Results-driven sales and marketing specialist with a proven track record of exceeding targets, driving revenue growth, and building strong client relationships. Skilled in market research, competitor analysis, and developing effective strategies to gain a competitive edge. Strong communicator and collaborator, adept at leading teams and executing marketing campaigns. Committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving satisfaction.

Sales Expertise:

I have a strong background in sales, with a focus on results-driven strategies to exceed targets and drive revenue growth. I am adept at leading teams and executing marketing campaigns to drive success in sales initiatives.


– Consistently exceeded sales targets

– Developed and implemented a successful marketing campaign

– Built strong client relationships that led to repeat business and referrals


Key Skills:

– Communication

– Relationship-building

– Market research and analysis

– Strategy development

– Problem-solving

– Time management

– Organization

– Negotiation

Speaks: English, Tagalog

Experience: Marketing, Sales, Cold calling, Design and customer service

Length of work: 6 years

Let’s Work Together!

I would love to be an asset to your team. Please schedule an interview with me. Look forward to working with you!